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3 tips for mastering your digital client experience

By January 26, 2023March 22nd, 2023No Comments

Is your digital client experience up to the same standard as your in-person interactions? If it’s compromising your professionalism, quality of communication, or personal touch, you should be making adjustments.  

Let’s look at 3 key areas that will improve your digital interactions with clients.  

File sharing 

File sharing is a great place to refine the digital client experience. When neglected, you run into issues such as document requests being too big which require work arounds like uploading files onto a USB and downloading them off of that. You may also be opening up security risks as consumer grade file hosting services like Dropbox and Gmail aren’t equipped with the high-grade security features that’re expected these days.  

Put your business a step ahead with a client portal to collect files securely. Doing so will give you a centralized space for collecting files that is able to handle the larger sizes which usually require USBs. You’ll also be protecting your client information with features like two-factor authentication and file encryption. Using a client portal boosts your perceived professionalism and builds trust with clients.  

Check out our advice for implementing a client portal 

Digital signing 

Delight your clients with a simple digital signing experience!  

If you’re not yet using a digital signature solution, you’re putting your clients through a lot of work unnecessarily. Unless they’re signing in person, they’ll have to print, sign, scan, and send to you. Why make a 5-minute task into a multi-step process? 

What if your signing could be administered from one spot with minimal oversight? 

Here’s what the process looks like in SuiteFiles: 

Saving correspondence  

If there’s multiple team members of yours working with a client and you’re not all on the same page, your client is going to have to repeat their circumstances to each person. 

Make sure you have a system in place to process your correspondence so you’re not siloing information or relying on manually saving emails to a shared location.  

Investing in an email management solution will give you complete oversight of your client history. The end result is that everyone in your team is up-to-date with clients no matter how many emails they send in a day 😉 

Looking for more insights into the digital client experience? 

Join our team for an hour-long discussion into the nitty gritty of working with clients online.  

Follow the link below to level up your game! 

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