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Client-facing document generation

Join us on 14 November at 12:30pm AEST / 3:30pm NZDT

Are you making it as straightforward as possible for your team to generate documents and for your clients to collaborate on those documents with you? Client experience really affects your profitability and document collaboration is a huge part of client experience. Make it as good as it can be!
A robust document approval chain is what engineers, fabricators, and manufacturers want — SuiteFiles adds this on to WorkGuru allowing you to share files with your colleagues and clients to have them co-edit, approve, and sign. With the integration, project documentation in WorkGuru will always be current and in one place no matter how many people are working on it.
WorkGuru makes it easy to do every aspect of your day-to-day work. With features to support everything from quote to invoice, as well as timesheets, purchases and inventory, you can manage every part of your operations with ease. The SuiteFiles integration allows you to view SuiteFiles documents in WorkGuru, create folders, and save files. WorkGuru customers can take advantage of SuiteFiles’ approval workflow plus use SuiteFiles digital signing functionality on WorkGuru project files.
Register even if you can’t attend the live webinar. We’ll send you a recording afterwards so the only thing you’ll miss out on is the chance to ask questions.

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