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Managing change

Join us on October 4 at 12pm AEST

Change is the only constant so how do you manage it in your business? Let’s talk about processes and tools for bringing your clients and colleagues through change to achieve your goals.

From Projectworks we have customer success manager Zabe and from SuiteFiles we have business optimization specialist Julian. Both are committed to pairing professional services with software to optimise their performance and margins.

In under an hour, we’ll cover:

  • Tech stack simplification – reducing resistance to change by making process easier
    • Friction fatigue reduces speed and efficiency
    • Bringing multiple processes into one – consolidation to simplify services
  • Processes to get your team on the same page during change
    • Projectworks onboarding and internal briefings
    • SuiteFiles workflows for rapid internal approvals and transparent task management
  • Client experience after change
    • Projectworks
      • Utilization as a new tool to keep your eye on the ball and more effectively manage workforce
      • Projects by budget health as a tool for CEO’s to oversee and prioritise different projects and communicate to the board
      • Resourcing as a way for project managers to know who’s available, when so that they can better work with the sales team.
    • SuiteFiles collaboration and templates for consistent communication across documents and emails

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