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New multi-select and task notes in SuiteFiles

By May 25, 2015No Comments

If you can’t see these updates, close SuiteFiles and reopen it. The updates should appear after that.


This is the first version of a feature that many of you have asked for. You can now select multiple documents in a folder and either move, delete, archive or unarchive them. Ticking the box at the top of the page will select all the files in the folder.




The icons in the left-hand menu bar now have names for additional clairty around what each feature does.



Add task notes to shared items

We’ve now added the ability to attach task notes to documents in the sharing folder. Click on the orange speech bubble to add a task note to any shared item. To mark the shared item as complete, click on the plus icon on the far right and select ‘Done.’ From the plus icon you can also download the document directly from your sharing folder.


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