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A simple solution for

Not for Profits.

All Not for Profits are different. You have a unique mission, various stakeholders, and your own hurdles to jump over. One thing you do have in common though is files and discovering the best way to securely manage them.
As staff come and go, you need one place to store and access everything, and an easy way to collaborate with your team. This is where cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 and SuiteFiles can make a difference to your organisation.

Remove the complexity

SuiteFiles gives you the cloud without the complexity and cost of other file management solutions. We’ll help you migrate your documents to SuiteFiles and guide you through the initial set-up. We’ll help you find our training so that everyone is up to speed.

Everything in one place

Get one secure platform to manage all your documents, like pdfs, emails, videos and even templates. SuiteFiles acts as the ‘one source of truth’ for your organisation, so it’s always easy to find what you need. No more sync issues, duplicate files, or information silos.

Always up to date

SuiteFiles is cloud-based, meaning you’ll always work with the latest version of our software. There are no up-sells, barriers to upgrades or installations required. Once an update is released, you’ll be able to use it immediately in SuiteFiles.

Features to help your team achieve more

When it comes to file management, SuiteFiles is the tool for small-medium Not for Profits.

Intuitive file management
SuiteFiles looks like the system you’re used to, easy to use and quick to master.

Work from your inbox
Access documents, save emails & create email templates all within Outlook.

Share & collaborate
Quickly share documents with staff or stakeholders working on a project. Collaborate in real time.

Scan to SuiteFiles
Get paper files into the cloud quickly.

Document generation
Minimise manual tasks by creating templates for common documents.

I was attracted to how simple it was, five minutes into the demo, people said, 'Oh, I can use this. I get what's going on.' SuiteFiles has enhanced things that were hard that shouldn't have been.



Cost effective

file management.

We know you might be on a tight budget, get in touch to see if you qualify for discounted pricing.

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