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From compliance to advisory: How you can maximize client value

Answer all your questions around client management

Join Aynsley Damery (CEO and Founder @ and John Thompson (Founder @ Complete Advisory Solutions) for a panel on what teams need to do to move from compliance work to more advisory focus while still maintaining high quality services.  

In this session, you’ll learn:  

  • Client management best practices for firms managing multiple clients.  
  • How you can avoid the biggest mistakes that firms make when managing multiple clients.  
  • What firms can do to transition their compliance clients into advisory-compliance clients.  

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Meet the Speakers

Aynsley Damery

Aynsley is a chartered accountant, multi-award-winning entrepreneur and international keynote speaker. 

He has advised thousands of businesses worldwide and sits as an advisory board member on several companies and charities. He is considered one of the most influential accountants in the UK and has co-authored an international bestseller. 

John F. Thompson

John Thompson is the Advisory Guy and CEO of Wisdom in Practice Group Limited and Head of The Complete Advisory Solution.

John has worked with over 100 firms across the UK and Ireland, helping them win new clients and transitioning existing compliance clients to advisory/compliance clients, thus massively increasing average client spend, by deploying the Complete Advisory Solution and Advisory led approaches.

He is also a Member of the Association of Business Psychologists.

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