Emails, Tasks and client details, all in one place.

Series of three screenshots of SuiteFiles Outlook's interface showing different views.

Upgraded communication

Imagine being able to see all email communication with a client across all employees, in a single place. SuiteFiles makes it possible.

Access everything from Outlook
Use the Outlook add-in to access your SuiteFiles folders and files.
Auto-save your emails
Set your emails to save on send straight into the relevant folder, in a single click.
Drag, Drop, Upload
Drag & Drop attachments and emails straight into the relevant SuiteFiles folder, all within Outlook.
Preview content from previous communication or documents without leaving the Outlook app.
See all your client data
Use our XPM and WFM integrations to see all your client details & files in one place.
Screenshot of SuiteFiles Outlook Plugin

The tools to manage your team

Make working across your team effortless with integrated task management.

Share documents
Share documents with your team or externally with your clients and receive email notifications for key actions.
Assign & complete tasks
Assign users tasks with documents and leave a note or action. Mark tasks as complete when they’ve been done.
Collaborate in real time
Have multiple users working on the same file at once with automatic syncing, see changes in real time.
Track activity
Track who has viewed, edited or completed tasks and set up notifications as needed.

Fast, Effective, Easy sharing and storage for your business.

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