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Document management for

engineering firms

Our engineering document management software is your ticket to elevating your projects and your practice. Seamlessly store, share, and manage documents all from one powerful and intuitive platform.

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One location, total control

Say goodbye to scattered documents, our engineering document management software brings order to your world. With full-text search and smart filters unlocking the information contained within your document library is now easier than ever. 

Efficiency through collaboration

Dive into cloud-based documents with colleagues and clients and edit them in real time, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and decisions are made promptly. Track task status and review documents together live using our in-built chat.

Secure sensitive technical information

You deserve top-tier security, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our secure legal document management system ensures the safety of your data within Microsoft Data Centers, fortified and backed by daily backups.

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Meet project deadlines

with precision and ease

Engineering projects come with their unique challenges – intricate plans, meticulous designs, and tight deadlines. With SuiteFiles, consider your document management woes sorted. 

No need to grapple with the intricacies of Microsoft 365 apps like SharePoint or spend extra on standalone feature subscriptions. Our engineering document management software melds seamlessly with SharePoint, presenting a user-friendly interface tailored for engineers. No steep learning curves or DIY development nightmares. 

Boost your workflow efficiency with our integrated digital signing, client portals, and task management. Combined with the convenience of templates and auto-filing, SuiteFiles takes your document and email management to a new level.

Our friendly team can even help you migrate your existing document library, removing headaches and making onboarding your team a breeze.

Streamlined, efficient, and tailored – that’s cloud-based document management for engineers with SuiteFiles.
Keeping projects on track, every time.

The deciding factor was the integration with WorkflowMax which has me doing things at least 50% faster.


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