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Client Research 101 for Accounting Firms

26 June 2024 | 1 pm NZT / 11 am AEST

Learn how to get actionable client insights

Join Martin Bulmer (Lead UX Researcher @ SuiteFiles) for a session focused on what methods accounting firms can employ to get actionable customer insights. With considerable experience in research and user-centered design in the finance industry, Martin will walk through the proper process to use to conduct interviews, analyze research, and action your insights.  

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  • Where to start with research and question gathering.  
  • Best methods for gathering client research and how to avoid common biases.  
  • How to differentiate between findings, facts, and insights.  

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Meet the Speaker

Martin is so old, he has been working in the digital industry since before the web started. He once told the editor of the British Weekly Telegraph that there was this thing called ‘the Internet’ he might consider putting his paper on. In the late 90’s, he designed the interface for the world’s first video on demand service. Take that, Netflix!

Martin has considerable experience conducting research and user-centred design in the finance industry, having worked for banks, professional accounting bodies here in New Zealand as well as for a specialised insurance company serving only professionals such as accountants and doctors.

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