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Thorne Widgery

Thorne Widgery chat about their transition from server-based document management to SuiteFiles, and the main benefits.

Being big fans of XPM, we saw this as a natural next step to improve efficiency and save time.

The problem

We were using terminal services and our servers were becoming old and being outdated very quickly, we needed to upgrade. We also have remote working staff,  the main reason we chose to switch was due to the ease of having staff who opted to work out of office use the same system. SuiteFiles also offers a more secure alternative to our old server based system. Along with customisable permissions, nothing is sent externally which adds for even more security.

SuiteFiles benefits

SuiteFiles offers a cloud software that is continuously updating and consistently launching new features. A deciding factor for us was the Xero Practice Manager integration – being big fans of XPM, we saw this as a natural next step to improve efficiency and save time.  We also wanted to share documents with our clients easily, the new Connect feature has helped us exponentially.

SuiteFiles have always provided an extensive amount of support for us around training and answering questions. This has proven to be a very effective system for us and we look forward to future feature updates to help us further.


  • Server-based document management
  • No file security
  • Too many emails


  • Completely cloud-based
  • Share documents securely
  • Significant improvements to efficiencies

Key benefits

  • Extensive support and training
  • The system felt familiar which meant for an easy transition
  • Can now share documents with clients easily
  • SuiteFiles has integrations with XPM and Microsoft 365 which makes for using multiple systems easier

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