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David, the director of Delante Accountants, recently answered some questions about his experience using SuiteFiles.

[SuiteFiles] does everything that a great document management solution should do - it doesn't disappoint

The problem

For us it’s important to be cloud-based. Access to key tools enables us to run our business from anywhere. We encourage our clients to run cloud-based businesses, so you need to practice what you preach. 

We’ve used document management systems for the last 10+ years. We were server based prior to commencing Delante and experienced the usual problems associated with them – expensive to set-up and maintain, costly licensing, need to update software often and have external IT support. Remote access was also slow and at times, unreliable. We wanted a stable system that was around for the long term, and would give us access to files anywhere, anytime.  

How we solved it

We were attracted to SuiteFiles because it’s a stable application that sits over Microsoft SharePoint, it’s cost effective, and it integrates with other software we plan on using. It’s also designed to work for accountants. Having templates, drag/drop functionality, and the ability to work externally without have to export and import files makes work a lot faster. It’s so simple to use and learn. It does everything that a great document management system should do – it doesn’t disappoint.   


  • Server-based
  • Expensive to set up and maintain servers
  • Encouraged clients to go cloud-based


  • Cost effective
  • Efficiency gains
  • Simple to use and learn

Key benefits

  • Enables us to run our business from anywhere
  • Stable system that is around for the long term
  • Integrates with other software we plan on using
  • Drag and drop, templates from emails, file emails on send, Outlook add-in are just a few of our favourite features

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