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SuiteFiles +

ATO SmartDocs.

Save to SuiteFiles

Have your ATO document & email save as a PDF directly to your client’s shared folder in SuiteFiles Connect.

SuiteFiles Connect

Have your clients log into SuiteFiles Connect using their Xero, Google, or custom credentials.

Secure Delivery

Send ATO documents with email & SMS verification, be notified when your document is ready in Connect.


ATO SmartDocs?

Automated Processing

Drag & drop documents into ATO SmartDocs and process all files in one step.


Use email templates for different types of ATO documents, preview both the document and email before sending.

Secure delivery

On sending, your client will receive a pin with your firm’s name & number via SMS, as well as a secure email link.

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ATO SmartDocs and SuiteFiles

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