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5 powerful Microsoft 365 apps to boost your productivity

By May 3, 2022September 5th, 2022No Comments

For businesses, there is more to Microsoft 365 than meets the eye. A common misconception is that Microsoft 365 is just the web versions of Office desktop (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). In reality, it’s so much more. 

Debunk the most common misconceptions about Microsoft 365 with our blog post. 

Microsoft 365 is a formidable online platform for businesses – formidable because it includes so many powerful productivity apps, all for a low monthly cost. 

Not to mention, you’ll often find new apps popping up in the ecosystem like Microsoft’s latest offering Loop. Experimenting with these apps is a great way to improve your workflows without having to pay extra for another service. 

If you’d like to get up to speed with the game-changing apps at your disposal, join us as we take a look at 5 productivity apps you can get right now through Microsoft 365 business plans (or for free)!  

1) Teams 

What was once a chat-based workspace for businesses has become a workspace in and of itself for some. You’re probably familiar with the video calling capabilities of Teams but what makes it excel are the multitude of ways you can collaborate within calls or direct messaging – pull up a virtual whiteboard, post an impromptu poll or use keywords like ‘to-do’ to trigger workflows. Teams allows you to work dynamically, retain up-to-date information and have greater visibility over your projects with colleagues. 

Available through Microsoft 365 Business Plans. 

2) Forms 

Need to create a survey, quiz or poll? Microsoft Forms is a quick and easy way to whip one up. Use surveys to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction or to organise a team event. Customise forms with themes and question branching then break down the results with visualised data reports. 

Available through Microsoft 365 Business plans. 

3) Planner 

Planner makes teamwork easy – use it to create new project plans, invite teammates, assign tasks and update statuses. It’s simple to share files and chat about progress, all while giving you a layer of transparency across a group project. 

Available through Microsoft 365 Business plans. 

4) OneNote 

Whether you’re an obsessive note taker or occasional napkin scribbler, OneNote is a useful way to capture every thought, business idea or meeting minute. It’s your digital notebook and then some. Type, write, draw, add Calendar invites or meeting links – you can access and update all of your content from any device. Perfect for businesses looking for a quick and easy way to be just a little bit more paperless in the office. 

Available through Microsoft 365 Business plans. 

5) Bookings 

Microsoft Bookings prides itself on simplifying the way businesses schedule and manage appointments. This includes allowing customers to book appointments which sync to their calendar along with reminders leading up to the scheduled date. Use Bookings if you’d like to shave off time managing appointments and prevent no-shows from filling up your calendar!  

Available through Microsoft 365 Business plans. 


A couple of special mentions: 

Power Automate 

Microsoft Power Automate allows you to automate tasks and workflows between 100+ services, including Outlook, Excel, Microsoft Forms and Teams. Simple to set up, there are a number of templates you can use to help you streamline HR onboarding or marketing. 

Available for free, connect to other apps in Microsoft 365. 

Power BI 

One of the most powerful things you can do to grow your business is to understand your data. Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights across your business. With it you can connect to your data sources and produce easily consumable reports for web and mobile. 

Available for free or through Microsoft 365 Business plans. 


Sway is one of those little productivity apps that can pack a big punch. Through it you can create and share interactive reports, presentations or newsletters. Easily customise the look and flow of your presentation and add videos or other media that people can click on. If you want to add a bit of ‘oomph’ to an otherwise bland presentation in a client or team meeting, then Sway is worth a try. 

Available through Microsoft 365 Business plans. 


Take your online collaboration to another level with Delve. Get a snapshot of the files in circulation across your business and an overview of what your collaborators are working on. If you run into an issue which requires particular expertise, you can search your business by skills, projects and even education so you’re able to contact the right person off the bat. 

Available through Microsoft 365 Business plans. 


Whether you’re onboarding a new hire or organising a work event, Lists enables you to break down the project into steps and set colleagues’ objectives. Browse through a record of all your lists and take action based on the status of each project. Think of popular work management tools like Trello without the need to set up dedicated accounts for colleagues. 

Available through Microsoft 365 Business plans. 


Even the most detailed instructions can leave room for error. If you’re looking for an engaging form of knowledge transfer, opt for the screen recording capabilities of Stream and cut down on the number of manuals & guides filling up your folders.  

Available through Microsoft 365 Business plans. 


Microsoft Visio gives you the tools to communicate complex information visually. Create compelling diagrams while accessing the same real-time collaboration and familiar feel of the Office apps. 

Available through Microsoft 365 Business plans. 


The humble whiteboard has never been so powerful. Run inclusive workshops, brainstorming sessions and more while connecting important files. Once your session is finished it will be saved for future reference, ensuring no ideas are lost along the way. 

Available through Microsoft 365 Business plans. 

Microsoft 365 is also a great place to manage your business files. If you want to know more about SharePoint Online and how SuiteFiles fits over the top to make it even easier to work from the cloud, check out our integration page or join our team for a personalised demo. 


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