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SharePoint or SuiteFiles?

By April 23, 2013June 3rd, 2020No Comments

I often get asked what the difference is between SharePoint and SuiteFiles? And why, if I’m buying Office 365 where I can use SharePoint as my file management system would I also want to buy SuiteFiles?

Simply put, SharePoint is a server product that was built to be configured and SuiteFiles is a document management system that runs over the top of SharePoint. Just like you use Outlook for day to day use with your email you do the same with SuiteFiles for documents.



This is a product built by Microsoft that you can configure to do just about anything. Document management is just one piece. But when you start using SharePoint it requires a lot of specialist knowledge to configure correctly to do what you need. Most small/medium businesses don’t have those skills, nor the time and money to acquire them so SharePoint is often a mystery to them and placed in the “too hard basket”.

In fact, with SharePoint 2013 I’m still confused about where to start with the new user interface. Microsoft has done a great job making it as flexible and configurable as possible that there are too many decisions to be made.

There are also a number of Office 365 partners out there who don’t know much about SharePoint. These partners will only do the email side of Office 365 and leave out the other half being file management.



This is the app that we have built to take all of the decision making out of using SharePoint. You simply load all your files into the SharePoint (done using our SuiteMoves tool) and SuiteFiles is ready to use. All of your files are still stored in Microsoft’s SharePoint system and are managed under the data centre service level agreements and backup policies. But you access and use them through the SuiteFiles app.



As SuiteFiles is an app we have the ability to build a whole bunch of functionality and provide access to it with a much simpler interface than SharePoint. SuiteFiles has the ability to turn any document in the system into a template with 2 clicks of the mouse. You can also share a document with anyone who has an email address again with only 2 mouse clicks. It’s so easy to use that most clients don’t even require training.

Which One?

So, what should you use? The answer is simple – if you know all about SharePoint or have the budgets to employ someone who does then use SharePoint. But if you don’t have the budget or knowledge then SuiteFiles is the answer. You don’t need to configure anything, it’s simple file management in the cloud.

Try it out

You can get a free trial of SuiteFiles over 30 days. Get your trial here.


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