Meet the Team Behind SuiteFiles

Nestled away, 17 floors above the Wellington waterfront, you'll find SuiteFiles HQ. On any given day you'll find the team researching, designing, brainstorming, coding, consulting, coffee-drinking, cheese eating, laughing, prototyping, testing, musing, customer supporting, migrating and all the other doing words that have made them a thriving start-up.

Photo of Andrew Sims, Chief Executive Officer at SuiteFiles

Andrew Sims


With a background in cloud consultancy for small business and a sweet MBA with Distinction under his belt, Andrew takes the helm of Suite as Chief Executive Officer. As a down-to-earth guy who genuinely gives two hoots, each and every one of SuiteFiles’ customers gets treated to his unique brand of enthusiasm and approachable business style.

When not helping small businesses realise the cloud dream, you’ll likely find Andrew on the field with a cricket bat or rugby ball in hand, or maybe even practicing his speech for when his sons become All Blacks.

Photo of Callum McNeill, Chief Technology Officer at SuiteFiles

Callum McNeill


When it comes to creating great apps for our customers, nothing is too hard for our CTO, Callum. Simply, if you can dream it, Callum can build it. Most importantly, Callum isn’t just a tech-head – he’s also a qualified lawyer and is astutely business and customer-focused. It’s this breadth of skills, coupled with his passion and perfectionism that sees Callum driving product delivery at SuiteFiles, ensuring that our customers always get cool new apps to play with.

When he clocks out of SuiteFiles HQ for the day, you’ll find Callum toting around his favourite Apple products or hanging out with his three adorable children.

Photo of Doug Taylor, COO at SuiteFiles

Doug Taylor


A nerd at heart, Doug lives and breathes technology and is always looking for faster, better ways of working. Unphased by challenges and eternally optimistic, Doug makes pulling double duty as the COO of SuiteFiles and the CIO of Provoke Solutions, its parent company, look like a walk in the park. His natural leadership, business savvy, and background in development make him the perfect person to manage the budgets and oversee operations here at SuiteFiles.

On any given day you'll find him number crunching, strategising, or testing out his new drone, often with a cup of coffee in hand.

Photo of Molly Banister, Marketing Manager at SuiteFiles

Molly Banister

Marketing Manager

Molly joins us from across the ditch to spread the SuiteFile's product around the world. With a focus on digital and event marketing, Molly's goal is to make sure everyone who could benefit from SuiteFiles knows about it. Having worked in marketing and communications across a range of industries, Molly is now working to make sure we're telling our customers, present and future, exactly what SuiteFiles can do for them.

When the day is done, you can find Molly exploring NZ, playing or watching whatever sport she can find and going to the gym so that she can continue to eat all of the baked goods she makes.

Photo of Roshni Mortensen, Customer Success Representative at SuiteFiles

Roshni Mortensen

Customer Success

Roshni's personable and approachable manner makes her a star at Customer Success. At SuiteFiles, Roshni is responsible for making sure that every step of the SuiteFiles journey for customers is awesome from the word 'Go.' With several years of software experience under her belt - having worked in onboarding, support, customer success, and product - Roshni is happiest when interacting with customers.

When she's not helping a customer, you'll find Roshni at the latest blockbuster movie, trying out a new peanut butter recipe off Pinterest, or brunching with friends.

Photo of Jamie Bruin, Customer Support at SuiteFiles

Jamie Bruin

Customer Support

Jamie's keen understanding of technology, natural problem solving skills, and friendly demeanour makes him perfect at software support. Patient to a fault, Jamie doggedly hunts down solutions to every customer question or issue. It's this passion that drives him to constantly look for ways to improve the SuiteFiles experience for users. Brimming with fresh ideas, his insights are helping to turn SuiteFiles into a bigger and better product.

After a day on the phone with customers, Jamie can be found zooming around on his motorbike or listening to the latest cybercrime podcast.

Photo of Amber Martin van Velzen, Product Designer at SuiteFiles

Amber Martin-van Velzen

Product Designer

Amber is the creative brain behind SuiteFiles' products. Her background in design innovation, front end development, and user experience give her designs a beautiful and practical edge that users will love. Recently returned from a stint working her magic in London, Amber is now SuiteFiles' Chief Sketcher, Researcher, Prototyper, and Wireframer (aka Product Designer).

When she's not coding or designing, Amber loves to travel, watch live music, and drink coffee, all of which she snaps pictures of for her Instagram profile.

Photo of Jack Slater, Developer Intern at SuiteFiles

Jack Slater

Software Developer

Our resident 'Jack of all Trades,' nothing is too hard for Jack when it comes to developing awesome software. Whether it's learning a new coding language, fixing a bug, or solving a tricky problem, Jack is up to the task. With initiative in spades, Jack's enthusiasm, can-do attitude, and dry humour are a welcome addition to our growing SuiteFiles team.

When he's not in the SuiteFiles office or working towards a Bachelor in Software Engineering at Victoria University, you can find Jack taking advantage of his season pass to the Rugby and playing video games.

Photo of Jack Slater, Developer Intern at SuiteFiles

Dragos Bercea

Software Developer

Dragos is development with a smile - ready to embrace new challenges and build awesome products. His interest in new technologies, tricky troubleshooting and coffee make him the perfect fit for the SuiteFiles development team. With tons of experience in Java and data visualisation, Dragos is here to put SuiteFiles through its paces and to create amazing features that customers will enjoy.

Outside of work you'll find Dragos sipping on another cup of coffee, enjoying walks around the country-side, quiet evenings with mates and a game or three on his PS2.

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