SuiteFiles + GDPR

Updated on May 25th, 2018

What is GDPR?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an important piece of legislation designed to give individuals more control over their personal data. It applies to any entities that process personal data for EU citizens. GDPR comes into effect on the 25th May 2018.

SuiteFiles is fully committed to being GDPR compliant when it comes into effect.

In this page, we cover:

  • What is SuiteFiles is doing about the GDPR?
  • What changes is SuiteFiles making to be GDPR compliant?
  • Is Microsoft GDPR compliant?
  • What do customers need to do?

What is SuiteFiles doing about GDPR?

At SuiteFiles, we value your privacy, so we are taking every step to ensure that SuiteFiles is GDPR compliant by May 25th 2018. This process involves a review of all of our current systems, product and wider business to understand what areas will be impacted by GDPR. We will then implement the necessary changes and processes to be compliant.

Here’s a summary of our GDPR roadmap and where we’re up to in our journey:

  • Review areas of our product and our business impacted by GDPR - COMPLETE

  • Appoint a Data Protection Officer - COMPLETE

  • Rewrite our Terms and Conditions – COMPLETE

  • Rewrite our Privacy Policy - COMPLETE

  • Develop a strategy and requirements for how to address the areas of our product and business impacted by GDPR – COMPLETE

  • Perform the necessary changes/improvements to our product based on the requirements – COMPLETE

  • Implement the required changes to our internal processes and procedures required to maintain compliance with GDPR – COMPLETE

What changes is SuiteFiles making to be GDPR compliant?

We are committed to improvement and are taking steps to create better processes and policies around how long we store data for and why. We will always be transparent about this with our customers, partners and leads.

Is Microsoft GDPR compliant?

SuiteFiles is built on Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud platform. It therefore relies on and utilises many Microsoft products as part of its operation.

Microsoft are committed to be GDPR compliant across their cloud services when enforcement begins on May 25, 2018. We are closely following Microsoft’s journey towards compliance.

You can read more about Microsoft’s commitment to GDPR here.

What do SuiteFiles customers need to do?

We're currently working on what SuiteFiles customers will need to do regarding GDPR. An update will be coming shortly.

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