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WorkflowMax x SuiteFiles

Moving document management to the cloud

Join us on November 10 at 1:30pm NZST.

  • This live webinar is for WorkflowMax customers who are considering cloud-based document management and want to know what SuiteFiles can do for them.
  • We’ll talk about our WorkflowMax integration, templates, digital signing and email management.
  • You can ask questions and you’ll gain an understanding of how SuiteFiles can save you time.

Afterwards, you can request a no-commitment 1-1 demo and a cloud migration plan.

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We were on an ageing terminal server and keen to find a reliable document management system that could work with...WorkflowMax...SuiteFiles has enhanced things that were hard that shouldn't have been. Things as simple as filing emails, it takes two seconds with SuiteFiles.


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