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3 ways your digital client experience is letting you down

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Is your current software creating the best impression of your practice?

First-rate document management software is as professional with clients as you are!

Let us take you through the 3 main ways SuiteFiles helps you cater to your clients.

1. Client portal
SuiteFiles Connect gives your clients a secure place to share their folders and files with you. You can customise permissions to collaborate with them and, as you work, you’ll be able to see every edit being made in real-time.

2. Templates & signing
Create branded templates of your most used documents then have them automatically populate with client data from integrations such as Xero and WorkflowMax. For you, this means time saving. For your clients, this means seemingly bespoke documents free of data entry errors.

Need your client to sign a document? That’s easy too! You can choose where you want them to sign, add notes, and send signing requests directly to their inbox. Your branding will greet your clients from the email request through to the signing platform itself.

3. Email management & conversation history
Both you and your colleagues can auto-save client emails into SuiteFiles plus jot down key takeaways from client conversations. This means information exchanged with clients is stored in one central, accessible place not in your colleagues’ inboxes and memories! Next time you contact a client you’ll have the confidence of knowing every detail of your practice’s engagement with them and they’ll notice the difference.

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Being able to search easily, create email templates and sign documents digitally have all been great for the business. The ability to create connected folders (or portals) for our clients has also been a welcome addition.

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