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SuiteFiles Performance Enhancements 

At SuiteFiles, we’re committed to continually improving our platform to meet the dynamic needs of our users. Over the past few months, we’ve rolled out significant updates that not only refine user experience but also significantly boost the performance of our services. Here’s a snapshot of our latest developments and how they’re transforming the SuiteFiles experience for better. 


Recent updates and their impact 


February 12th – We’ve made it easier to share your Connect portal right from the start. Now, you can add multiple people when sharing your portal and set up message templates to streamline your communications. 


March 12th – To simplify the process further, we relocated custom branding for signing and connect into the Admin settings. This strategic move allows SuiteFiles Admins to manage this feature more efficiently. 


March 18th – The Connect portal received a major update with multiple UI & UX enhancements! This update introduced a cleaner, more user-friendly interface that enhances your workflow and improves interactions with your clients. 


March 26th – Custom branding for Connect emails is now possible, allowing SuiteFiles Admins to update their existing branding and ensure communications reflect their brand identity accurately. This ensures your clients will recognize and trust all emails sent from your client portal.  


April 15th – We extended custom branding to your Connect Client Portals, enabling every aspect of client interaction to fully align with your corporate style. This brings you a white label experience to build more trust with your client interactions and build brand equity.  


May 1st – We enhanced the SuiteFiles experience with our new Client Folder Matching Tool. This tool puts you in control, allowing for manual matching of SuiteFiles folders to specific clients, ensuring precise data management. Key features include: 

  • Manual Matching: Manually link folders with clients for tailored organization. 
  • Unique Client IDs: Automatically generated IDs ensure accurate folder-client matching, ideal for firms with clients who have similar names or multiple accounts. E.g. if you have two clients with the same name documents can be shared via client ID to ensure your files go to the right place.  
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Retains automatic matching capabilities while providing the option for manual customization. 

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the functionality and usability of SuiteFiles, ensuring our platform not only meets but exceeds your business needs. These updates will also provide more confidentiality and effective communication with your clients, building trust and reputation.  


Elevating performance: Behind the scenes with our developers 

In a recent discussion with Pieter Le Roux, a lead developer at SuiteFiles, he shared insights into the technical improvements and the philosophy guiding our updates. “We’ve consolidated our infrastructure into new space, running on new hardware,” Pieter explained. This consolidation allows us to scale our services based on demand seamlessly, ensuring that performance does not degrade as usage increases no matter where you are in the world. 

To further boost performance, especially for all our northern hemisphere customers, we are adding new data centers in strategic locations around the world. This initiative is aimed at delivering increased performance and response times, significantly enhancing the user experience across these regions. 

This approach addresses many potential issues proactively, enhancing response times for any arising concerns. Pieter noted the importance of these upgrades, “It’s critical for us to provide a reliable and responsive platform where clients can scale without issues, particularly those who rely heavily on SuiteFiles for their daily operations.” 


Looking ahead 

As we continue to refine SuiteFiles, expect more than just performance enhancements. “We are planning to introduce more PDF capabilities that may include redaction, content editing, and more support for complicated tasks like multi-pack document signing.  This will further streamline how our users manage documents and enable them to work even more effectively,” Pieter added. 

These advancements are part of our broader strategy to provide a more responsive and intuitive digital workspace, while simultaneously resolving some of the more common workflow complications. By reducing reliance on external systems like SharePoint, we aim to deliver a faster and more seamless user experience. 


Wrapping up

Our recent updates and the ongoing enhancements reflect SuiteFiles’ commitment to delivering a superior digital workspace that grows with your needs. By continually evolving and listening to where we can help you do your job more effectively, we ensure that SuiteFiles is not just a tool, but a vital partner in your business’s success. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to enhance your experience and expand our capabilities, ensuring that SuiteFiles remains at the forefront of digital workspace solutions. 

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