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SuiteFiles at Xero HQ

SuiteFiles x XPM

Join us in Milton Keynes on 1 August from 4pm to network with local business leaders plus meet members of the SuiteFiles team.

SuiteFiles is document management that lets you edit, share and sign documents your way!


SuiteFiles and Xero Practice Manager (XPM) combine to create a beautiful cloud-based business with automations that give you time back in your day.


First up, a Xero presenter will demo XPM. Then we’ll show you how you can use XPM and SuiteFiles to auto-create client folder structures, have a single view of all of your clients’ details and files, plus use your XPM client data to auto-populate templated documents.


We hope to see you at Xero’s UK headquarters soon!

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Our favorite three features are the ability to generate information and letters through the SuiteFiles and Xero Practice Manager integration, the ability to search our whole SuiteFiles database for specific client folders and files, and the Outlook add-in so we can automatically save emails to client folders and easily attach documents.

Ben Powell

Ballards LLP

Join us to

see what SuiteFiles x XPM can do for you

and meet other local businesses.