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Announcing our latest Suite product – SuiteBackups!

By September 3, 2015No Comments


Introducing SuiteBackups!

This time last week we launched SuiteBackups – our solution to easy SharePoint Online backups. This came after months of sweat and tears, a beta test, and numerous to-do lists.

We built SuiteBackups because we saw a glaring gap in the market for a simple SharePoint Online backup product. While other backup tools for SharePoint exist, we wanted to create one specifically for small-medium businesses or other users who don’t have the time, money or technical experience to sink into a complicated product. Our goal has always been to empower businesses with great cloud-based productivity tools, and we believe SuiteBackups follows this tradition.


SuiteBackups is the easy way to achieve compliance and peace of mind in the cloud

SuiteBackups is a straight-forward, easy-to-use backup tool for SharePoint Online. Setting up a new account and site backup takes minutes, while the app’s clean, user-friendly interface makes it great to navigate, regardless of your technical experience. A core productivity feature of SuiteBackups is its timeline view, which allows users to see different versions of their backup through time. Each backup acts as a ‘snapshot’ of the file system, which you can use to compare changes between backups, or to restore from on a given date.

SuiteBackups lets businesses easily retain and keep track of multiple versions of their file system, which is pertinent for compliance standards, as well as peace of mind in the cloud. Know that your documents are secure in a separate backup system that you have access to whenever necessary.

Check out a full list of features here


SuiteBackups is superb… you shouldn’t use SharePoint without it.”

— Lee Harper, Technical Director @ pcMedia



But why should I backup my online data?

We’ve said previously on the Suite blog that while having your data in the cloud is a great first step in your business’ disaster recovery plan, having a backup is the next one. Risks to your online data still exist – from human error, malicious users, or data encryption – and it pays to be mindful of them. Having a third party backup tool, like SuiteBackups, ensures that you have an easy restore option if the worst were to happen.

Another key reason to backup your online data is compliance. Businesses are increasingly required to retain versions of their documents for several years, particularly financial records. SuiteBackups makes this a simple task.

Discover why you should backup your online data


We want to say thanks!

We’ve got some exciting future plans for SuiteBackups, including building out new features to make it even more useful to businesses. Follow us on Twitter or sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest updates.

We’d just like to thank everyone for their input into SuiteBackups. From our beta testers to our IT partners, the early adopters who signed up to the app in the week since we launched to our fantastic board – Thank you! And of course well done to our Suite team – hi-fives and shots round the break room as we celebrate another milestone.


Try SuiteBackups for free

We’re acutely aware of the challenges and risks that businesses face that can be mitigated with a backup tool. So we made our own. SuiteBackups is the simple, user-friendly tool to help you achieve compliance and peace of mind. Try the app for free today by visiting


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