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What happens when SharePoint goes down

By November 26, 2015No Comments

Just yesterday Office 365 had an issue for some accounts where SharePoint sites went down and weren’t accessible to users. This affected four SuiteFiles users that we’re aware of, and possibly a few more who didn’t report it to us.

So what can you do when this happens? Most often, not much. It’s frustrating when all your business files are in a system, no matter what it is, and that system goes down. Especially because often there’s not a whole lot you can do. At best you twiddle your thumbs until the system is back up, or visit the nearest cafe while you wait… patiently… for a resolution…

Thankfully yesterday’s issue with SharePoint Online had nothing to do with SuiteFiles itself. Once Microsoft got SharePoint running again, our customers could access SuiteFiles and get back to work after about an hour of downtime.

However for some of our customers there’s another option that can allow them to get back to work much quicker. This work around comes as a by product of signing up to our latest app, SuiteBackups.

SuiteBackups is designed to recover files in the event that they are corrupted or deleted. Just like SuiteFiles, the app is cloud-based however it’s not part of the Office 365 data centres. This means that when SharePoint goes down, our SuiteBackups data repositories are left unaffected. Which is great for SuiteBackups users who can use it to access their files through their latest backup. They can download the file(s) they need to work on, work with them locally and then re-upload them when Microsoft restores SharePoint service.

This is what you can do when SharePoint goes down.

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