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Move to SuiteFiles quickly, safely, and with no downtime for your business

You’re thinking of moving your files – off your aging server, off an old SharePoint Online site, off another cloud service – but you’re worried about the downtime, the pain, the expense! Well don’t be. We’re your cloud migration service specialists. Our SuiteFiles migration tool takes what can be a complicated and expensive process and turns it into a fuss-free, simple move.

Easy to implement

Moving your files doesn’t have to be painful. Our migration tool can move your business to the cloud quickly and with no fuss. Let us or a SuiteFiles Partner supervise the move, and our migration tool will do the rest.

Migrate over a weekend

Migrating with SuiteFiles is fast – in many cases file shares can be moved to the cloud over a single weekend. How’s that for no downtime? Just breeze in on Monday and get back to work.

Incredibly accurate

Migrate with confidence. Our migration tool has a 0.005% fail rate. Just in case, it always makes checks before, during and after your migration to ensure that all your files are where they should be.

We can help your business move from A to B

We have lots of experience moving businesses off their existing service to SuiteFiles. Have a look at our most common examples. Get in touch if you have a question about migrating to SuiteFiles.

Off your aging server

We’ll help you through the process of moving to the cloud for the first time. Enjoy greater flexibility around how you work and unprecedented security – from both physical and digital threats – when you migrate to the cloud.

From SharePoint

Maybe you have a complicated file share on an existing SharePoint site, or you have bits and pieces in multiple sites; we can help you consolidate it all and move it to a single SharePoint/SuiteFiles site.

Move your files off an existing cloud service

Avoid the trap of staying with a product just because you think it’ll be too hard to move your file share. We’ve moved businesses off everything from Dropbox to HubOne, and we can do it for you too.

Migrate in three simple steps


Plan your migration with us

Have a no-commitment chat with us about your situation and we’ll advise you on the best way to migrate your file share to SuiteFiles.


Prepare your file share

Choose between do-it-yourself or get our help to prepare your file share before moving day. Take the chance to spring clean or restructure your files.


Migrate to SuiteFiles

Move your file share to SuiteFiles quickly and with little to no downtime for your business. Our migration tool will do all the heavy lifting for you.


Fast, Effective, Easy sharing and storage for your business.

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