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Super simple file management for businesses

Everything in one place

Store and manage all your business content - files, images, emails and templates - from one place in the cloud. SuiteFiles acts as your 'one source of truth,' so it's always easy to find what you need, when you need it.

Work with Office 365

Make managing your files with Office 365 a breeze through SuiteFiles. Get additional productivity features, backups and integration with Office and Outlook. We'll even help migrate your files to SharePoint.

Connect with your team

Centralise your file system and provide permissions-based access to your team. Easily share, comment and work on files together, both online and on desktop, plus save time by streamlining your processes.

Image of SuiteFile Web and Mobile together

Access files anywhere

Pick up and go
Business no longer happens just at your desk. Access all your files from anywhere with an internet connection through SuiteFiles and instantly work with your documents in the cloud.
Remote work made easy
Manage all your documents easily between remote staff or multiple offices. Centralise your file system and make governance a breeze for your business.
Multi-platform access
Access your files through the SuiteFiles web app, Outlook add-in, desktop app or mobile apps. We've got the tool to help you work how you want.
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Screenshot of SuiteFiles Outlook Plugin

File important emails

Save emails & attachments
Drag/drop emails and file attachments directly into your file system through the Outlook add-in. No more downloading to your desktop or using a third-party tool!
Save on send
File an out-going email into SuiteFiles through the 'Save on send' prompt. Easily make this a part of a workflow for all staff.
Build email templates
Turn emails (including ones with attachments) into templates that are then accessible to all staff through SuiteFiles.
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Screenshot of SuiteFiles interface showing the templating feature

Create smart templates

Improve consistency
With SuiteFiles, you can turn any file, email or folder into a template and make it accessible to your team. Have peace of mind that you're always working with the right content.
Save time on common tasks
Stop building documents or folder structures from scratch. Creating these items now takes seconds, rather than minutes or hours.
Prepopulate with client data
Pull client data from Xero or Xero Practice Manager/WorkflowMax into a template and prepopulate custom fields, like names or addresses.
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Screenshot example of co-authoring a word document online

Go paperless

Scan directly to SuiteFiles
Scan and file your paper documents directly into SuiteFiles, or create unique email addresses for folders and email files straight to the right location from your scanner or inbox.
Create and share Office files
Create Office files within SuiteFiles and easily share them with your team. Work on your files in SuiteFiles using Office web apps or open them into the relevant desktop programme.
Photo of Scott Norrish, Director at Maxim Accounting

"I was attracted to how simple it was, five minutes into the demo, people said, 'Oh, I can use this. I get what's going on.' SuiteFiles has enhanced things that were hard that shouldn't have been."

Scott Norrish
Director @ Maxim Accounting, Australia

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Is it essential to have Office 365 to use SuiteFiles?

Yes. SuiteFiles requires Microsoft’s SharePoint Online to work, which is available through Office 365.

Where is my data stored?

SuiteFiles doesn’t store your data. Instead it is securely stored by Microsoft in their data centres around the world. For Australian and New Zealand customers, data Is stored in Microsoft centres in Melbourne and Sydney.

How much storage do I have?

Every Office 365 plan comes with whopping 1TB storage but this can be extended up to 25TB.

How secure is SuiteFiles?

SuiteFiles gives businesses the full advantage of Microsoft’s world-leading cloud security. You can learn more about this through the Microsoft Trust Center. SuiteFiles also provides daily backups of your file system in the Full Suite and Pro plans.

How does it work with WorkflowMax/Xero Practice Manager?

SuiteFiles has two way integration with Xero Practice Manager and WorkflowMax that gives you to access your clients and their files from both apps. Learn more about our integration.

What kind of internet connection do I need for SuiteFiles?

We recommend that our customers have a fast internet connection as this will greatly improve your experience with SuiteFiles and other cloud products.

Does SuiteFiles work with Mac?

SuiteFiles is a cloud product, so any computer with a web browser and an internet connection can use SuiteFiles. However, the SuiteFiles Outlook add-in is only available on PC due to add-in restrictions in Outlook for Mac.

How much does SuiteFiles cost?

SuiteFiles is a monthly subscription, charged per user which ensures that you always get the latest product updates to the platforms available in your subscription. For more info about our plans, see our pricing page.

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