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Web to desktop: Introducing SuiteFiles Drive

By August 30, 2017May 2nd, 2022No Comments

Day-to-day, businesses collect files from everywhere – emails, websites, different systems, scanners. Early on we noticed (and were told, a lot) that this was the case. While SuiteFiles is a great final home for these files, customers told us that it needed to be easier to get them in there.

So, we made it easier.

Today we’re launching SuiteFiles Drive – our new desktop app for your files.

You’ll now be able to access, edit and share your files in SuiteFiles without leaving your desktop.

With Drive, SuiteFiles will appear as another folder in Windows Explorer, allowing you to upload files from anywhere straight into your online file system. No more downloading files to your desktop before uploading them again – Drive makes this just one simple action.

Drive also takes up minimal space on your computer. All your files are stored online and only sync when you open it. It’s then cached for quicker access until you restart Drive (e.g. by shutting down your computer at the end of the work day). You can now store terabytes of data without taking up terabytes of space.

 Search across your files through the Drive app. Search across your files through the Drive app.

Drive is a companion app to SuiteFiles Web, which already allows you to save files from scanners, email attachments, and add-ons like Xero.

While SuiteFiles Web is still the main place to manage your files, Drive offers users the flexibility to work with their files the way they want to, while still getting sweet features like sharing and full search.

 Share files with colleagues direct from Drive in Windows Explorer. Share files with colleagues direct from Drive in Windows Explorer.

Through Drive, teams will gain:

  • Greater visibility over their file system
  • Ability to save files from other systems directly into SuiteFiles
  • Ability to upload files from SuiteFiles to other systems
  • Ability to edit non-Office documents and saving changes back to SuiteFiles
  • Improved security and control over your important files, as users can save files directly into SuiteFiles, rather than saving to their desktop first

SuiteFiles Drive is a game changer for users who prefer working from their desktop, particularly if they frequently move between different systems.

With Drive, it’s now easier than ever to save important documents into SuiteFiles, no matter where it comes from.

Drive is available on the Full Suite and Pro plans.

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