Access your files from anywhere

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Your files are always with you

SuiteFiles empowers businesses to work however they want to with their files in the cloud

Available across 5 platforms
No matter where you are in the world or how you like to work, you can access you files your way.
Save time & streamline your work
With intuitive design and instant updates, no matter how you access your files, everyone instantly has the information they need.
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Web Platform

Access your files from any web browser through SuiteFiles.

Intuitive and easy to use
The web platform is our core SuiteFiles product and has been designed to be easy to use right from the start.
Store everything in one place
Files, emails, images & receipts can all live in SuiteFiles, organised into logical folder and file structures, all completely searchable.
Access smart templates
Template your most common documents, emails and folder structures so you never have to write them again. Auto-populate templates with client details to save even more time.
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Outlook Add-in

Email is crucial to modern-day business. Which makes it even more critical that important files and communications are somewhere central for the relevant people to access

Access all your files from Outlook
Access your entire file system straight from the add in, browse and preview files before attaching them to emails.
Drag & Drop content
Drag & drop emails and attachments into the relevant SuiteFiles location.
Save on send
Automatically save your emails into the correct client folder for your colleagues to access.
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Mobile App

Sometimes you need to access your files unexpectedly, or without your computer nearby. Our mobile app is here.

Quick access to your files
Easily preview any file stored in your SuiteFiles site, with all your favourite files at your fingertips.
Upload images on the go
Snap a photo and upload it straight into SuiteFiles, or pick an existing photo on your device.
Search for files – fast
Search like you would within the web platform. Find what you need, fast.
Image of SuiteFile Web and Mobile together

Drive Add-in

Drive lets you access SuiteFiles straight from your desktop and looks identical to your standard file browser

Browse your files from your file explorer
Click through your folder and file structure, or use file explorer search to find your documents.
Save any file straight into the cloud
Save any of your existing documents straight into the cloud. Open and edit your current SuiteFiles documents just like local-drive files.
Drag and Drop from your desktop
Drag and drop anything from your computer straight into SuiteFiles through the file explorer. Quickly upload the things you’ve just quickly saved to your desktop.
Screenshot of SuiteFiles interface with search dropdown open

Chrome Extension

Our Chrome extension provides even deeper functionality between Xero Practice Manager and SuiteFiles

Client folder prompts
Receive automatic prompts to create client folders in SuiteFiles whenever you add a new client to XPM.
Client archival
Automatically archive your SuiteFile’s client folders whenever you archive a client in XPM.
Updated documents tab
See your SuiteFiles documents within the documents tab of XPM, and toggle between views as needed.

Fast, Effective, Easy sharing and storage for your business.

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