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Work with Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, PowerPoint - Work with all your favourite Microsoft Office programs through our Office 365 integration.

Simple Folder Organisation

Organise your files in a simple, folder-based system, making everything easy to find.


Easily archive documents and folders to hide them from view. Simply change your settings to see archived material.

Quick Search

Quickly and easily find any document stored in SuiteFiles, whether you’re searching for a client file or an email.

Drag & Drop Upload

Drag & drop a file or an entire folder to quickly upload it to SuiteFiles.

Flexible Editing

Edit Office documents quickly online or through the desktop app for full Office features.

Online File Previews

Previews of each document are saved, making it quick to see if the file is the right one without opening it.

Support For Multiple File Types

SuiteFiles supports lots of different file types, from Word and Excel documents to Markdown and Photoshop files.

1TB of Storage

SuiteFiles integrates with Office 365, which provides you with 1TB of file storage with any subscription plan.

Staff Training

Get at least one full staff training session included in your subscription plan so you can hit the ground running.

Smart Templates

Turn any existing folder structure, document or email into a template.

Quick Document Generation

Add tags in document or email templates and quickly prepopulate them with client data.

Scan to SuiteFiles

Scan any paper document straight into SuiteFiles and quickly file it in the correct folder.

Daily Backups

SuiteFiles takes an automatic daily backup of your file system for easy file recovery and governance.

Unlimited File Recovery

Quickly restore files and folders from our backups app without rolling back your entire environment.

Folder Based Permissions

Easily set permissions for folders within SuiteFiles to control staff access.

World-class Security

SuiteFiles is built on Microsoft’s enterprise-grade cloud technology to ensure great security for your files and backups.

Guaranteed Up-time

Your files are stored with Microsoft, who have a 99.99% guaranteed up-time.

Admin Only Deletion

Only admins of a SuiteFiles site can delete files permanently, to insure against human error or negligence.

Work Together

Users can work on the same document in real-time. Enjoy easy version control, commenting and track changes.

Sharing Tasks

Share files & folders with other staff and turn them into tasks, complete with notes and priority details.

Share with Anyone

Share documents with clients, contractors & external contacts from within SuiteFiles.


Easily add comments to files and folders that have been shared with you as tasks.


Get in-app notifications and emails whenever a document is shared with you.

Activity Tracking

Keep track of shared documents, and whether they've been completed or not.

Outlook Add-in

Easily see and navigate through your entire file system from within Outlook.

Drag & Drop Upload

Drag & drop any email into the Outlook add-in to save it in a folder in SuiteFiles.

Attach from SuiteFiles

Attach any SuiteFiles document quickly to an email without ever leaving Outlook.

Prepopulate Email Templates

Prepopulate email templates with client data from other apps like Xero or Workflowmax.

Quick Email Previews

Quickly preview emails in SuiteFiles, or open them back into Outlook.

Upload images on the go

Upload pictures directly from your device into SuiteFiles through the app.

Preview lots of file types

View different file types in the app, including PDFs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, emails and more.

Quick search

The app's search database is synced to your device, so search queries are instant.


The web platform is at the core of SuiteFiles. It lets you easily manage, share, template and more from any browser.


On the go? Your files are always with you, whenever you need them, through our handy mobile app.

Outlook Add-in

Work with your files right inside Outlook. The Outlook add-in lets you manage all your important files and communications together.


Access your documents from your desktop but still have them stored safely in the cloud.


Xero's beautiful cloud-based accounting software connects you with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Xero Practice Manager

Practice management software for accountants and bookkeepers, allowing you to seamlessly manage your jobs from start to finish.


WorkflowMax is all-in-one, cloud-based job management software that will take the pain out of running your business.

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