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Send agreements with

digital signing

Oversee documents from creation to completion using digital signing to gather approvals directly from your document management system.

Have everything

signed digitally

Easy set up

Our easy-to-follow signing wizard will guide you in populating and signing documents. Choose where you want recipients to sign, add optional checkboxes to confirm selection of services, or set as required to note acceptance of a condition.

Create your own signature

Use a mouse, touch screen computer, or a smart phone to draw your signature and apply for future documents. Alternatively, click generate signature to proceed without customizing.


the signing process

Set the order for signing

Control the order in which your document is received by signees. As each signature is collected, the following recipient will be notified of a signature request until the last signature is added.

Fully traceable

Trace the actions of signatories by seeing when they’ve viewed, signed, or declined a document and encourage timely responses with automated reminders. All your signatures are equipped with a digital certificate to ensure authenticity and compliance to the highest standard.

Simple to


Customizable branding

Customize the emails your clients receive and the signing platform so that they see your branding, logo, and colors.

Signing message templates

Create message templates for generic documents like terms and conditions to standardize your most common signing requests.

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Document and email management

Store and edit all your documents, emails, and tasks in one place. Create document templates and automatically save documents into SuiteFiles from a number of sources.

PDF tools

Review and customize PDFs in SuiteFiles without juggling several applications. Annotate areas of interest, simply jot something down, or merge PDFs to save time compiling them.



Client portal

Send files out to be reviewed and collaborate with clients on their documents in real-time. Request any file you need, and they’ll be uploaded directly into your chosen SuiteFiles location.

Secure storage

Manage all of your permissions to grant access to certain folders and features and easily restore past versions of documents with our backups. SuiteFiles documents are kept safe in your own Microsoft environment, secure, and recoverable within Microsoft’s leading-edge retention framework.

Task management

Send tasks to colleagues for an easy follow-up process. Request changes to a document, an upload, or a simple task, then instant message within SuiteFiles. Have your colleagues click complete when done!


Use all the tools you love with SuiteFiles. Our integrations make processes even simpler by linking everything back to your document management system. We integrate with Microsoft 365, XPM, WorkflowMax, and more.

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