Helping you and your team
work together

Screenshot example of co-authoring a word document online

Work Together

SuiteFiles makes it easy for your and your team to work together, whether you're in the same office, or cross country.

Share documents
Easily share documents with colleagues and turn it into a task by adding a note and other sharing options.
Complete tasks
Any shared document gets automatically created into a 'task' for your colleague, where you can both add comments or mark the item as done when it's complete.
Simple real-time collaboration
Using the SuiteFiles integration with Office 365, you can easily work on the same document in real-time with all changes synchronising automatically. Turn on track changes to get an even clearer picture of how a document is developing.
Easy commenting
Get your thoughts down quickly by adding comments in a document or by commenting on a shared file in your SuiteFiles shared folder.
Screenshot of SuiteFiles sharing interface

Share with Confidence

Get more work done with great sharing features - don't get bogged down in emails or loose sight of what's happening around a document. SuiteFiles gives you context, simple sharing, and security around your files.

Sharing notifications
Whenever an item is shared, the recipient is automatically notified about it in SuiteFiles. The SuiteFiles shared folder keeps track of all shared items and makes them easy to access.
Activity tracking
Get context for how shared work is progressing - see who accessed the document last and when, plus receive notifications when a shared document has been marked as complete by another team member.
Permission lock down
With SuiteFiles, access isn't automatically granted by sharing a document internally. Original permission settings still apply, so only staff who should view the file, can view the file.

See how you can work together with your team

SuiteFiles makes easy collaboration and secure sharing within your team possible. Always work with the most up-to-date document and easily keep track of how work is progressing. Work more efficiently with your team, from anywhere, at anytime, all from within SuiteFiles.

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