Protect, backup and restore
your files

Screenshot of SuiteFiles interface with folder permissions highlighted.

Be in Control of Your Documents

From duplicate files and unreliable syncing, to human error and accidental deletions - it's easy to start losing control of your files. SuiteFiles makes it easy to keep all your files together, to manage who has access to them, and to see when changes are made.

Easy permission control
Unique to SuiteFiles is the simple and secure way the app helps you to set-up and then manage user permissions on folders. Achieve peace of mind with ease.
One source of truth
Reduce the chance of duplicates and information silos by keeping all your business critical documents in SuiteFiles and editing them from one place online. Always up-to-date and accessible to your staff.
No deletion
Secure by default, SuiteFiles only lets users with the right permission settings to delete items. This ensures that documents are always accounted for and allows you to set up your own processes around document management.
Screenshot of SuiteBackups interface showing the site library folder structure.

Minimise Human Error

Backup features included in The Full Suite and Pro Plans

SuiteFiles gives your business simple ways to minimise the chance of mistakes occurring, plus great features to help you manage them when they do.

Easy restore
A couple of clicks is all it takes to restore your file system, right down to the individual document level. Choose to restore from any backup SuiteFiles holds for your business and have peace of mind that restoring individual folders or files won't roll back your entire environment.
Daily backups
Get automatic daily backups of your entire file system and view them with ease through our dedicated backup app.

Enterprise Grade Security

SuiteFiles is built on Microsoft's secure cloud platform, Office 365, giving your business all the benefits of their enterprise-grade software. Combined with additional security and backup features through SuiteFiles, you can have peace of mind that your business has a robust disaster recovery plan in place. Rest easy knowing that your data is secure and that it conforms to industry-verified global standards. Learn More about Microsoft Office 365 security features

Encrypted data
Your data is encrypted between your desktop and SuiteFiles, so you know that it's always safe.
Guaranteed up-time
Your files are stored with Microsoft through Office 365, which has 99.99% guaranteed up-time.

Avoid a headache... or two... or three

SuiteFiles ensures your business recovers quickly after a mistake, virus attack or natural disaster. Call for backup, and we'll answer it.

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