Remove repetition from your daily life

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Remove Manual Processes from your business

There are some things that we can leave to the machines. SuiteFiles learns as you use it, making everything from filing emails to searching easier for you.

Automate email management
SuiteFiles learns where client’s emails need to be based on previous interactions, and automatically suggests the correct filing locations.
Backups without the headaches
Your system is backed up daily, automatically, without a single click from you.
Governance, simplified.
Set and forget permissions, confident that they automatically flow through to all relevant documents.
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Automation + Integrations, a perfect match.

We know you don't have time to waste, so SuiteFiles makes it easy to access the files you need quickly and with no fuss. SuiteFiles is familiar and easy-to-use - just turn it on and hit the ground running from Day 1.

One source of truth
Our integrations with WorkflowMax and Xero mean that you keep a single source of truth for client data and allow you to automatically create relevant client folders and tags within SuiteFiles whenever you set up a new client.
Automation to remove double ups.
SuiteFiles helps prevent duplication of clients or tags through our integrations, ensuring that you have consistent data across multiple systems.

Fast, Effective, Easy sharing and storage for your business.

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