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Works with the cloud tools that accountants need

Aging software and a move to the Xero Practice Manager pushed Whitson Watt to look for a full-blown cloud solution for their files. SuiteFiles, with its integration with both the Xero Practice Manager and Office 365, met these needs to a tee, and allowed their remote workers to access their files from anywhere.

Ari Oliver is a Senior Accountant at Whitson Watt Accounting. The Mackay-based firm's core business purpose is to provide both compliance solutions and advice to their clients. With nine staff and the flexibility of working out of the office, Whitson Watt work with a wide range of customers, from individuals with complex investments, right through to large scale corporations, including nearby coalfields throughout Queensland.

Upgrading dinosaur software

When their aging document management system showed no signs of going cloud, Whitson Watt knew they had to find another option.

"The software was aging. From ten years ago to what we were seeing effectively nothing in the software had changed. We wanted to move towards a more cloud-based solution so we started looking at other options."

Choosing Xero + SuiteFiles

"When we made the decision to go with Xero, we then decided to go with an integrated solution for file management… I think the familiarity with Office and the fact that we've got the latest server for Windows meant we really wanted to stick with a Microsoft solution."

After looking at SharePoint but finding it a "little bit broad," Whitson Watt checked out the Xero website for partner products. There they discovered SuiteFiles and found that not only was it one of the few file system that integrates with Microsoft Office, but that it also integrates with the Xero Practice Manager, a product they had recently moved to.

Speaking about SuiteFiles, Ari says "I think the key way it's changed things for us is we've now got the ability to work anywhere at any time. We're able to access files live, like when we're out with clients."

"It's given us the flexibility to work anywhere that we choose and clients love that we can come to their premises with our laptops and discuss their figures that can be accessed online."

Save time and work more efficiently

"In terms of the SuiteFiles Outlook add-on, that’s made life so much easier. You don’t have to first save those documents to your desktop or some other location before you upload them to your document management system. Previously we couldn’t even really facilitate the saving of an email into our old document management."

"Now you can drag and drop that email, whereas previously we were printing it to pdf to save those copies, so it’s really saving us a lot of time."

Ari says that implementing SuiteFiles has been a "real shake up to the way we managed our client database," but that the remote and live access are definitely the best parts of the changeover.

Not only that, but the team at Whitson Watt love how responsive Suite is to their needs.

"We really love the fact that they really listen to what we need and want."

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