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Making life (and monthly costs) simple

With an IT set up that was expensive and complex, TaxAssist started looking for a file management system that would fit in with their 100% cloud-based dream. Through SuiteFiles and Office 365, they’ve managed to significantly simplify their costs and how they work between their three different sites.

Dave Forrester is the owner of TaxAssist Accountants franchise in Keighley, Ilkley and Bingley in Yorkshire, Northern England. Established in 2009, Dave and his team are now ‘Making Life Simple’ for over 700 clients in their locality.

TaxAssist Accountants is an international franchise with over 200 franchises in the UK, Ireland and Australia. TaxAssist are ‘Making Life Simple’ for their clients by being accessible, having a strong focus on customer service, and utilising leading technologies in compliance and advisory services.

Increasing costs and complexity

For TaxAssist Accountants, trying to maintain aging and increasingly incompatible technology was leading to significant challenges when it came to support and training, not to mention the on-going expense.

“We were experiencing increasing support costs as our aging network and terminal server setup started to creak,” says Dave Forrester, owner of the TaxAssist Accountants franchise in Keighley, Ilkley and Bingley in West Yorkshire.

“If things started to fail, we risked downtime in our business. Maintaining security was also a growing concern as our Windows Server 2007 came to the end of its support circle with Microsoft.”

With this in mind, TaxAssist decided to move their operations to the cloud. “The cloud simplifies our operations and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) gives us a clear monthly cost."

Simplifying everyday processes

TaxAssist’s key criteria for a file management solution included easy access to their files, search, and scanning functionality. After looking at Google Drive and Box, they decided SuiteFiles was the best option for them.

“Both looked good, but they didn’t have the bells and whistles you get with SuiteFiles. The fact that SuiteFiles sits on top of Office 365 was also reassuring.”

Migrating to SuiteFiles over a weekend, TaxAssist were soon up and running in the cloud. “Our overall processes have been improved. We use templates for emails and letters, which has improved our client request email processes and given us extra tools to systemise our communications. The scan and share functionality helps us deal with incoming mail, and using the integration with Xero Practice Manager gives us a clear link between our documents and jobs, making the working paper review simple and clear.

“The SuiteFiles backup also gives me extra piece of mind that everything is safe and can be easily retrieved if a disaster occurred.”

“We looked at Google Drive and Box. Both looked good, but they didn’t have the bells and whistles you get with SuiteFiles.”

Significant time and financial savings

After introducing SuiteFiles, the changes for TaxAssist were noticeable. “We were paying around £2000 p.a. for IT support on our windows server environment. This roughly equates to the same costs as SuiteFiles and Office 365, however the functionality we get from this combination has far more value. We have saved the capital cost of a new server, which would have been significant for our business needs, upwards of £10,000.”

“Other productivity improvements include the elimination of paper being handled in the business across our three sites, losing the filing cabinets and going paperless, time saved on routine email processes due to templates, and the team using the tools to collaborate on work more effectively. The team have given a lot of positive feedback too.”

“Our team loves SuiteFiles because of the Xero Practice Manager and Outlook integration, ease of use and search, the accessibility in the cloud, and the proactive and supportive team!”

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