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Becoming a Modern Business

Delante Accountants are ‘practicing what they preach’ after a move from a server environment to a suite of cloud-based applications. Now they’re a 100% cloud, modern business with room to grow.

Photo of David Aston, Director at Delante Accountants

Delante Accountants are on a mission – to help clients realise what’s possible so that they can secure their financial future. David Aston, Director at Delante, and his team of 7 (and growing!) work with a diverse client-base of small-medium businesses and professionals throughout Australia.

Grounded by a server environment

When a partnership split opened the door to change, Sydney-based Delante Accountants took the opportunity to adopt “best of breed” applications in their practice.

“For us it’s important to be cloud-based. Access to key tools enables us to run our business from anywhere. We encourage our clients to run cloud-based businesses, so you need to practice what you preach.”

“We’ve used document management systems for the last 10+ years. We were server-based prior to commencing Delante and experienced the usual problems associated with them – expensive to set-up and maintain, costly licensing, need to update software and have external IT support. Remote access was also slow and at times, unreliable.”

“We risked server obsolescence, continued maintenance costs, plus being locked into one solution.”

“We wanted a stable system that was around for the long term, and would give us access to our files anywhere, anytime.”

Connected and cost-effective

“We briefly looked at Box, but were attracted to SuiteFiles because it’s a stable application that sits over Microsoft SharePoint, it’s cost-effective, and it integrates with other software we plan on using. It’s also designed to work for accountants.”

“Now we can drag and drop files into SuiteFiles, create templates from emails, file emails at the time of sending, and have integration with Outlook.”

"[SuiteFiles] does everything that a great document management solution should do - it doesn’t disappoint."

Making efficiency gains

Delante Accountants love the efficiency gains they’ve made through SuiteFiles. “Having templates, drag/drop functionality, and the ability to work externally without having to export and import files makes work a lot faster.”

“SuiteFiles is so simple to use and learn. It does everything that a great document management system should do – it doesn’t disappoint!”

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