SuiteFiles’ integration with ATO SmartDocs has now been live for over a year! To celebrate this milestone, we caught up with Toni at Victoria’s TrustOne Partners to hear about her experience using the integration.

The integration between SuiteFiles and ATO Smart Docs is seamless, it's great to see two cloud providers working together so well.

The problem

Before using SuiteFiles’ ATO SmartDocs integration, Toni would have to sort ATO documents by type then file them accordingly. This made for a ‘clunky’ and ‘time-consuming’ process that had ample room for improvement.

How we solved it

Far from clunky and time-consuming, Toni finds SuiteFiles’ ATO SmartDocs integration easy to use and is impressed that it can recognise any type of ATO document and file it to the appropriate folder. It even creates a new folder if one is needed. For example, if Toni has 2019 and 2020 folders for a given client but she’s filing a 2021 form, the integration will automatically create a 2021 folder for her and file the form in it.

Nowadays, all of Toni’s ATO documents can be processed and filed with the click of a mouse.

During our catchup with Toni, she told us that it was great to see “Two cloud providers working together seamlessly”. By collaborating closely with ATO SmartDocs, we can cover every aspect of ATO document management and in doing so, deliver on our claim of turning a 90-minute job into a 6-minute task. Our close relationship with ATO SmartDocs also extends to the user experience of the integration. When we asked Toni for her thoughts on our user support, she told us that she was met with “fast responses & quick fixes” the couple of times she’s hit a bump in the road.

Since using the SuiteFiles x ATO SmartDocs integration, Toni hasn’t looked back. The integration has become a fixture at TrustOne Partners and has Toni’s seal of approval for any Australian practices looking to streamline their ATO document management.


  • Manually sort through ATO documents by type and file them accordingly.
  • Clunky and time-consuming process.


  • SuiteFiles’ ATO Smart Docs integration can recognise any type of ATO document and file it with the click of a mouse.
  • What was once a 90-minute job is now a 6-minute task.

Key benefits

  • Streamlined ATO document management.
  • Responsive support which ensures the best user experience.

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