John Gigis & Co Pty Ltd.

The Problem

Handisoft limited our ability to collaborate on files and didn’t allow us access from anywhere. We needed software that continued to integrate with Xero and helped us take the practice further along our cloud journey, without overcomplicating the solution.

How SF Solved it

SuiteFiles is simple, easy to use, and can be accessed from anywhere. Whereas we used to have to really search for files, with SuiteFiles we can find files incredibly quickly, and preview them without the need to download anything. We can access all our files right from the File Explorer, which makes access easier for colleagues who aren’t as comfortable with cloud technology. The integration with Xero means we can see all our documents without having to leave XPM, and the templating of documents and emails has saved our practice so much time.

The File Explorer App is a gem, and the Outlook App saves us so much time


  • Handisoft Document Manager
  • Approx. $2,000 annual subscription
  • Issues with collaboration and remote access


  • 8 Users
  • 20% savings on annual costs
  • Files available quickly

Key Benefits

  • SuiteFiles Drive App means documents can be accessed direct from the File Explorer but saved to the cloud, making it easy-to-use with all the benefits of cloud storage
  • Time savings thanks to the ability to save emails quickly with the outlook add-in, keeping everyone on the same page when it comes to clients
  • Templates make documents and emails easy to create and reuse whenever needed
  • Able to access our key documents and communications from anywhere and collaborate on the same document with colleagues in real time

What's next?

Learn about all our key features with a short walk-through demo video.