Capital Insurance Brokers

The Problem

We needed to shift from paper-based systems, where it was easier to lose documents and the process of copying, scanning and filing everything was both tedious and time-consuming. We wanted a cloud-based system that provided us a back-up of all our files. We wanted easy access for our users, and easy permission functions to control who can see what data.

How SF Solved it

There are so many great features within SuiteFiles, it’s hard to narrow down one that’s made the biggest impact. Having all of our documents in one place, easily accessible from anywhere, with our emails and client communication also stored and searchable has saved us a huge amount of time.

We like the continual improvements and updates to the product. Across the last 6 years it has never been a static product, and the team are constantly finding new innovations or additions that will add value.

There are so many SuiteFiles features we rely on and find easy to use, we couldn't possibly pick a single favourite


  • Server-based document management
  • Paper-heavy office
  • No back-ups


  • SuiteFiles ‘Super Suite’ users
  • Paper-lite office
  • Daily backup of all data

Key Benefits

  • No more manual copying, scanning and filing
  • 6+ years of using SuiteFiles
  • Significant improvements to efficiencies
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to savings from SuiteFiles

What's next?

Learn about all our key features with a short walk-through demo video.