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How SuiteBackups saved my bacon

By December 15, 2015No Comments

‘Why do I need to back up my files in SuiteFiles? Doesn’t Microsoft do that?’

We’ve mentioned before how we get asked this question a lot. And the simple answer is Microsoft do to a degree, but even with these fail safes, mistakes still happen. As I found out recently…

I was happily working in my files and noticed a folder that I thought wasn’t required anymore. As an administrator in our SuiteFiles site I have the power to delete anything, so I deleted the folder and all its content.

First mistake – whoops!

I realised that I’d been hasty. No problem, Office 365 has a recycle bin and the items in there have 30 days before being deleted. Even then they go into a secondary recycle bin.

No problems. I went to the recycle bin (again, you need to be an all-powerful administrator to do that) and found my folder immediately at the top of the list as I’d only just deleted it.

I selected the folder and went to click the “restore” option and then confirmed the action.

Second mistake – I clicked “EMPTY RECYCLE BIN” instead!!

I was half asleep and clicked the wrong link and I then confirmed the action with no ability to go back.

At this point I said a few things a bit stronger than “whoops”. The files were now gone, forever!!!

Human error had caught us out and it could have been really painful. Luckily it wasn’t.

We’ve been using our backup tool SuiteBackups on our site since well before we launched it. I logged in, found the latest backup, which had my folder and all the files within it. I restored the folder and in a matter of minutes SuiteFiles was back in a state that it was supposed to be before this muggins started clicking buttons.

Having a backup meant the difference between minutes, and potentially hours or even days waiting for work to be restored. And if it couldn’t be restored for some reason? Well you can imagine the pain of recreating a folder’s worth of work!

It just goes to show that you can never be too careful when it comes to your files. Even we needed our own backups product.

Get backups with your SuiteFiles subscription

We think backups are so important (and we can speak from experience!) that we added it to our SuiteFiles subscription plans. Take a look at our plans or discover more about SuiteBackups.

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