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SuiteFiles empowers businesses to work how they want to with their files in the cloud. Available across three platforms - Web, Outlook, mobile - and with another on the way, SuiteFiles is designed to help you save time, manage tasks, and streamline your work.

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Available on all plans

Access your files from any web browser (we recommend Chrome) through SuiteFiles. The web platform is at the core of the SuiteFiles product and is included on all of our subscription plans.

Intuitive and easy-to-use
Store files and emails together
Access smart templates
Integrated with Microsoft Office 365
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Outlook Add-in

Available on The Full Suite and Pro Plans

A lot of everyday work takes place within our email inbox, but that doesn't mean that important files and communications should stay there. The SuiteFiles Outlook add-in makes it easy for you to file emails and attachments with your documents, giving it more context and making it searchable by all staff. SuiteFiles connects your inbox with your files, so everything is in one place.

Access all your files from Outlook
Drag & drop to store emails
Save on send
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Screenshots of SuiteFiles app on an iPad and iPhone


The SuiteFiles iOS app makes your most important files available offline, so you don't need to worry about your data costs. Your recently viewed, starred, shared or created files will be immediately ready to read or share straight from your iPhone. Need another file in a hurry that's not currently synced? Not to worry, the search function will canvas you entire SuiteFiles file system and download whatever you need, and it's just as lightning fast as your desktop search.

Quick access to relevant files
Upload images on the go
Search for files fast
Learn more about working on the go
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Drive Coming Soon

Available on The Full Suite and Pro Plans

Drive lets you access SuiteFiles from your desktop and looks like Windows Explorer or your standard file browser. Search through SuiteFiles and open documents before saving changes back to the cloud. This means that you can work with your files the way you're used to with the power of the cloud behind you.

Browse your files on your desktop
Save any file straight to the cloud
For Mac and PC

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