Your business files at
your fingertips

Screenshots of SuiteFiles app on an iPad and iPhone

Be responsive

Being without your files, emails and calendar when you're not in the office can delay response times. Use Office 365 and SuiteFiles for your mobile to ensure that your responses are always timely.

Quick access to relevant files
Easily sync all your most recent files to the app so you can quickly catch up on a file that's been shared with you, your favourite files, or something you've been working on recently.
Upload images on the go
Easily upload pictures directly from your device into SuiteFiles, great for when you're out and about or for those white-boarding sessions!
Support for lots of file types
View different file types from the app, including pdfs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, emails and more.

Optimised data

Through lots of clever tricks to optimise your bandwidth, the app ensures your business documents are easy to manage but not at the cost of your data.

Syncs on Wi-Fi
When you're connected to Wi-Fi, the app will automatically sync all your relevant files. Refresh this list manually by swiping down in the app while on cellular data.
Search for files fast
Need a file that isn't already synced to your device? Your SuiteFiles search database is synced to your device, so search queries are instant and will download over cellular data.
Media optimisation
Download previews of big PowerPoint files quickly and efficiently. With the app, a 15MB PowerPoint can magically become 700KB.
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Set up your business in the cloud and access it from anywhere

No matter if you're out with clients or checking in at home, you can access all your files through this SuiteFiles companion app. Currently only available for iOS, SuiteFiles Mobile is your handy gateway to your business from any location.