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Why reinvent the wheel? Streamline your work with industry leading accounting content right at your fingertips.

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helps your practice get more done with better content

All accountants in public practice need procedures and templates to run their operations. Now you can access best practice Australian content and work with it through SuiteFiles – a cloud document management system designed for businesses like yours.

Generate personalised documents

Automatically generate personalised document and email templates to use with clients. Speed up repetitive tasks and save time.

One information hub

Manage your templates & business files together in the cloud. No more information silos.

Easy quality control

Ensure consistency in your business and provide guidance for new or inexperienced staff. Onboard new clients or staff with ease.

Make templates your own

Modify templates to suit your needs and make them instantly available to your colleagues through SuiteFiles.

Merge with Xero contacts

Pull client and contact information straight from Xero and Xero Practice Manager into email or document templates.

Improve client communication

Always know what to say with client communication templates. Turn them into email templates, ready to use when you need them.

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Why use SuiteFiles as your document management system?

SuiteFiles is one integrated cloud system for all your business files.

Manage your files from one place
Never miss a thing - keep all your files, client documents, emails and templates together with SuiteFiles.
Free up your inbox
Drag/drop emails and file attachments straight into any folder in SuiteFiles.
Enjoy full Office integration
Collaborate in real-time on any Microsoft Office document either online or on your desktop and save changes to the cloud.
Connect to Xero
Sync your client data and documents from Xero and Xero Practice Manager with SuiteFiles, and even prepopulate templates with contact info.
Simple compliance & security
Daily backups and enterprise-grade security protect your files from mishaps and attacks.

"I have been using Accountants Desktop for the last few years. As a sole practitioner I am very time poor, and I’m always looking for ways to make my practice a more efficient one. Accountants Desktop has been able to assist me with working papers (via Excel), staff checklists and a quick view to look up important rates. Why re-create the wheel and make worksheets from scratch when you can download one of the many Accountants Desktop Excel working papers. The subscription is worth every cent."

Nathan Rigney
NGR Accounting

"We highly recommend the use of SuiteFiles to all our clients who purchase Office 365 that want to move their file systems to the cloud. We think that it gives a more user-friendly feel, especially for the more non-technical of our users. It is quick to install and clients love it. From a partner perspective, it makes Office 365 an easier sell when the client knows they can have access to their files in the cloud in a format that they can get."

Delia Gill
Director, IT Engine

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Why use Accountants Desktop content?

An online hub of content and templates for Australian accountants in public practice.

Get industry leading content for Australian practices
Access ready-to-use templates that you can implement straight-away or modify to make your own.
Easy quality control
Make your business output consistent and accurate every time.
Provide guidance for staff
Best-practice calculations and forms help guide new or inexperienced staff, reducing reliance on partner/manager input.
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SuiteFiles + Accountants Desktop feature list

What does it do and how will it jump-start my practice?

Integrate with Xero
Prepopulate fields in templates with client or contact information from Xero & Xero Practice Manager.
Real-time collaboration
Share templates with your team and edit them together. Save and see changes as they happen.
Edit online or on desktop
Work on templates and documents in Microsoft Office through a web browser or in the desktop program. Save changes back to SuiteFiles.
Create email templates
Turn content into an email template in Outlook, ready for all staff to use.
Australian specific
Access content and templates through SuiteFiles that’s specific to Australian accountants in public practice.
Save to client folders
Generate documents from templates with client data and save straight to a client folder in SuiteFiles.

How do I get this content?

Get Accountants Desktop content for a low monthly price when you package it up with SuiteFiles. SuiteFiles is available from $9/user/month. Add one of the following monthly plans to get industry leading content from Accountants Desktop.


Access to a selection of Accountants Desktop content through SuiteFiles.

  • 1 user $ 40 / user / month
  • 2 - 5 users $ 37 / user / month
  • 6 - 10 users $ 34 / user / month
  • 11 + users $ 30 / user / month


Full access to Accountants Desktop content through their website.

  • 1 user $ 50 / user / month
  • 2 - 5 users $ 47 / user / month
  • 6 - 10 users $ 44 / user / month
  • 11 + users $ 40 / user / month